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Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Your drains play a vital role in removing waste from your home or business. We often take for granted how much time it saves us – could you imagine having to dump used water manually? Most p...


Drain Cleaning in Follansbee

Are your sinks draining slowly? Experiencing sewage backup or low water pressure? Chances are you need drain cleaning. Residents, homeowners, and businessowners in Follansbee are in luck. Mr. Root...


Unclog a Toilet That Won't Drain

What good is a toilet that won’t flush – or overflows when flushed? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we get calls for unclogging toilets all the time. We could choose to keep our secrets to our...


Why Is Water Leaking Through the Ceiling After a Shower?

Jumping in the shower after a long day of hard work can really help you unwind but noticing that the shower water has been leaking through the floor to the bottom floor can reload that stress. At ...


Drain Cleaning in Wellsville

Do you need a drain cleaning in Wellsville? Who else to call than Mr. Rooter Plumbing? Which result for “drain cleaning near me” is going to offer a guarantee on workmanship and promis...


How to Install a Washer and Dryer

The task of installing a washer and dryer might seem intimidating even with the help of the directions as it contains many unfamiliar terms and jargon. However, if you have just moved into a new h...


Ways to Block a Bathtub Drain Without a Plug

The common scenario is that you return from a long day of work and decide to unwind by preparing a hot bath, but you can enjoy a bath even after a good day of work. The fact is a bath is a great w...


Why is My Toilet Gurgling?

We are all familiar with how the toilet is supposed to work. You take care of your business, flush, and go on with your day. Simple enough. Sometimes, though, this simple task can turn into a head...


Helpful Tips to Avoid Drain Lines From Getting Clogged

Clogged drains are usually messy, frustrating, and costly if not dealt with on time. Such plumbing issues occur at the least convenient time, and that’s why preventing them before they occur...


Giving Your Dog a Bath Without Clogging the Drain

Bathing your dog is an important part of grooming and good hygiene. Apart from keeping your dog’s coat clean, baths get rid of odors and help to keep parasites at bay. However, bathing your ...


Do Bath Bombs Clog Drains?

Bath bombs have really become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their ability to enrich your bathing experience. The scented and fizzy bath salts can transform your bath into a relax...


Prepare for House Guests with These Drain Maintenance Tips

Although it’s great to host friends or loved ones in your home, your home’s drains are subjected to additional strain due to increased use. If you’re expecting additional house g...