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How to Check Your Water Heater for Corrosion

How to Check Your Water Heater for Corrosion

While most water heaters are designed to last for ten years or more, corrosion can cause a lot of issues. Rust colored water, frequent repairs and premature replacement can be avoided if the water heater unit is properly maintained. Early intervention is the best way to protect your water heater from the negative effects of corrosion. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ohio Valley, we provide high quality commercial and residential plumbing services including hot water heater repair, replacement and installation in Ohio Valley area neighborhoods. Are you worried about the condition of your water heater? Here are a few tips for checking your water heater for corrosion and what you can do to prevent future occurrences. 

Common Signs of Corrosion 

Since corrosion often occurs on the inside of the tank first, it isn’t always easy to identify the problem until it is too late. Thankfully, there are a few warning signs that property owners can look out for, such as:

  • Rust tinted water
  • Leaky water heater tanks
  • Corroded valves

If you notice one or more of the above red flags, then be sure to call a certified plumber as soon as possible. They will be able to perform a thorough inspection and can offer a professional diagnosis. There is a chance that these symptoms are caused by the buildup of minerals and sediment, rather than severe corrosion. However, if major damage is discovered, our team can replace your water heater quickly, accurately and affordably. 

Do Not Forget to Check the Water Heater Connections
Even if your water heater tank is corrosion free, rusting connections can also present a major problem. If a connection fails due to deterioration, then you could end up with a huge leak. For this reason, it is important to prioritize the condition of your water heater connections and replace them when necessary. 

Tips for Preventing Corrosion in Your Water Heater 
The best way to prevent corrosion in your water heater unit is to make maintenance a top priority. Developing a water heater care plan can help you improve the lifespan and dependability of your investment. Be sure to replace galvanized pipe joints with plastic lined nipples. This will help prevent corrosion between copper and steel connections. Be sure to drain your hot water tank and flush out debris at least once per year. You will also need to periodically inspect your anode rods and replace them as needed. A professional plumber can perform an annual water heater inspection along with the rest of your plumbing system, so you can be sure that your investments will remain in quality condition for many years to come. 

Do You Need a Water Heater Repair, Inspection or Replacement? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing
Is it time to upgrade your rusty, outdated water heater tank? Do you need an emergency water heater repair? Then call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ohio Valley today. Our certified, licensed and insured plumbers are always ready to come to the rescue. Contact our office for more details or to schedule a convenient appointment with an experienced plumber near your local Ohio Valley area community.