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How to Find Your Sewer Line

How to Find Your Sewer Line

Maybe you have dropped your wedding ring down the toilet, or your toddler has flushed a toy. Perhaps you have noticed leaking sewage in the yard. Whatever your reason, you might need to locate your sewer line. Though we recommend calling the professionals such as Mr. Rooter Plumbing to deal with such issues, we are happy to help you find your sewer line on your own. If this article does not help you, then feel free to call us at any time. Our staff and certified plumbers are available around the clock with 24-hour emergency service.

Ask the Previous Owner

If you have just moved into a new home and there is no map of the property in your documents, then don’t hesitate to ask the previous owner. There is a good chance that the previous owner had to deal with the sewer line. They may be able to specifically locate the sewer line for you or refer you to a plumber that they worked with. You can refer to your deed and municipal records to find the previous owner’s contact information if you do not have it already. You can also try asking neighbors as their home might be plumbed similar to yours.

Call the City Government

Municipal and city governments have a mission to help the community. The sewer, zoning, or engineering department should have access to maps of the plumbing system in the cities. Simply call and request to have a copy of your home’s plumbing system sent to you. The maps might even be available online. Many cities and municipalities will provide this information over the phone, but some might ask for you to make a trip to the building to verify your identity. In either case, they are ready to help.

Use A Pipe Locator

Pipe locators are devices made for exactly this purpose. They include a detector line and a handheld wand. The detector line is fed into the pipes and transmits a frequency that the handheld wand will detect. These devices can be expensive, so be sure to do a cost-benefit analysis. If you expect to need this often, then by all means go ahead and invest in a pipe locator. However, you can also call a plumber for a fraction of the price and mark the location of the sewer line for future reference.

Call the Professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Calling the experts does not have to be nerve-wracking. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is a time-tested company with certified plumbers and a helpful staff. We go above and beyond to provide affordable and accessible services for our community. You can call at any time and rest assured knowing that a live and friendly representative will take your call. We offer honest and transparent prices with upfront pricing. Thanks to our scheduling and GPS technology, we can have the closest plumber at your location in as soon as possible. Our certified plumbers are equipped with all of the necessary tools to make this a seamless and quick process. Call now to get started.