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How to Fix Low Water Pressure When You Have a Well

How to Fix Low Water Pressure When You Have a Well

If your home gets its water from a well system, you may experience low water pressure at some point.

Low well water pressure can make daily household tasks like showering and washing dishes take much longer.

In this article, we will look at the common causes of low well water pressure and what you can do to fix the problem.

What Is Considered Low Water Pressure When You Have a Well?

The ideal water pressure in a home with a well should range between 40 and 80 PSI. Anything lower than 40 psi is considered low water pressure.

What Causes Low Water Pressure in A Home with A Well System?

Clogged Sediment Filter

If your well system is equipped with a sediment filter, it will get clogged over time due to the accumulation of sediment.


The solution to this problem is as simple as replacing the filter as soon as it gets clogged. It is recommended that you replace your well’s sediment filter every six months.

Damaged Pressure Tank

A pressure tank stores water from the well and supplies it to your house. This tank can develop a leak or the pressure switch can malfunction and impact the water pressure.


The solution to a leaking pressure tank is replacing the tank while a bad pressure switch needs to be inspected to determine if it’s damaged beyond repair. In some cases, the pressure switch simply needs to be readjusted to restore it to its good working order.

Your well water pressure can also reduce when the pressure switch is set too low. So it’s advisable to check the switch to see if it’s set at the correct setting.

Clogged Piping

Another common reason for low water pressure in homes with a well is piping that is clogged with sediment and minerals. This occurs in homes that have hard water.


You can solve this problem by calling a plumber in Steubenville, OH to clean or replace clogged pipes, depending on the severity of the problem. To combat the problems caused by hard water, be sure to install a water softener in your well system.

Problems with The Well Itself

In some cases, low well water pressure may be caused by insufficient water in the well.


You can solve this problem by either lowering the pump or deepening the well.

Do You Need Help with Fixing Low Water Pressure in Your Well System? Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Experiencing low water pressure when you have a well is not just annoying, it is also an indication of a problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

Turning on your kitchen sink faucet or showerhead only to find a slow drizzle is never a good feeling.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we can help you fix low water pressure issues in your residential and commercial property at competitive prices.

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