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Tips for Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping

Tips for Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping

Following sustainable gardening and landscaping practices has become a lifestyle choice for many people who are concerned about preserving the environment. Sustainable practices come with many benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, reduced water usage, and money savings.

Let’s look at some of the top sustainable gardening and landscaping ideas for a greener yard.

  • Grow Drought-Tolerant Plants

Typical landscaping plants should be watered at least once or twice per week, but drought-resistant plants may need watering as little as three times a month. Drought-tolerant plants naturally use less water and require lower maintenance. Some of the best drought-tolerant landscaping plants to consider include agave, lavender, sage, blanket flower, purple coneflower, beardtongue, and black-eyed Susan. 

  • Mulch Your Landscape

Another technique property owners can employ to create healthy and low-maintenance is mulching. You should consider adding a 1 to 4-inch layer of much to your landscape plants and garden beds. Not only is mulching a great way to reduce weed growth, but it also reduces water loss from the soil surface and improves soil fertility. Some of the best mulch options for your garden beds and landscape plants include straw, bark, or wood chips, pine needles, grass clippings, sawdust, crumbled or shredded leaves, cocoa bean hulls, pine needles, and coir.

  • Reduce The Use of Pesticides

While pesticides have been touted as an effective solution for pest control in garden beds, they can be hazardous in many ways. It’s advisable to embrace organic methods of pest control such as companion planting and crop rotation.

  • Install Drip Irrigation System

Instead of using sprinklers to spray water in your yard, install a drip irrigation system in your yard and minimize water waste.

  • Compost Your Green Waste

Another sustainable gardening and landscaping practice that can make your yard is composting your green waste. Instead of throwing away dried leaves, food waste, grass clippings, flower heads, and other biodegradable materials, you can compost them into a nutrient-rich sustainable fertilizer. Not only is composting a great way to enrich the soil and retain moisture, but it also helps to suppress plant diseases and pests.

  • Fertilize Your Garden Beds with Manure

If you have your own livestock, it’s advisable to use manure to nourish your plants. Manure is a good source of macronutrients and may improve the physical properties of the soil.

  • Use an Electric Lawn Mower Instead of a Gas Powered Lawn Mower

A gas-powered lawn mower adds to your carbon footprint, so it’s advisable to switch to an electric lawn mower to reduce carbon emissions.

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