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What to Do If You Accidentally Flushed Something Down the Toilet

What to Do If You Accidentally Flushed Something Down the Toilet

Accidents happen, and one common misstep many encounter is flushing something not intended to go down the toilet accidentally. From jewelry pieces to small toys and hygiene products — panic can quickly set in when this occurs! Knowing what steps should be taken immediately post-flush is vital if this situation ever arises. In this guide, Mr. Rooter Plumbing outlines appropriate actions to prepare you for such circumstances and when to contact a professional plumber.

Keep Calm and Act Quickly

You must remain calm as soon as something has accidentally been flushed down your toilet. Panicking may result in drastic and potentially hazardous actions being taken immediately without thinking, resulting in expensive toilet repair. Take a deep breath before acting further on any possible steps against that mistaken flushing incident.

Do Not Flush Again

Your first instinct may be to flush again in hopes that an object will magically vanish into thin air; however, flushing more often could worsen matters and create further complications by leading to clogs or forcing further entryways for foreign objects into plumbing lines. Wait a bit until assessing your situation before flushing again!

Turn Off the Water Supply

For maximum protection and to prevent an unexpected overflow, locate and turn off the toilet's main supply valve to reduce risks of potential water damage during resolution efforts. Doing this may reduce risks while saving valuable time troubleshooting an issue that might otherwise become an ongoing burden.

Retrieve an Item If Possible

Suppose an object remains visible and within reach using gloves or tongs. In that case, you can retrieve it carefully from the toilet bowl using gloves or tongs without further pushing or scratching its interior surface. Be careful not to push further downward.

Use a Plunger

If an object was accidentally flushed down the toilet or the toilet has become blocked due to an incident, employing a plunger may provide much-needed relief. Simply position it over the drain hole and push and pull to create suction that may dislodge an object from its resting spot or unclog your system. However, depending on its water levels, evacuating excess liquid may be necessary before using your plunger.

Try An Auger

If the plunger doesn't do the trick, consider using a toilet auger (sometimes known as a plumbing snake). Insert this device into your toilet's drain and turn its handle to break up or retrieve any item stuck therein. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using an auger to avoid damaging its components or ruining its workings.


Avoid accidents by being aware of what you flush down your toilet. Toilet paper and human waste should only ever be flushed into waterways - any additional materials such as paper towels, hygiene products, toys, or jewelry should be properly discarded in waste bins.

Install a Drain Cover

For safety and peace of mind, installing a strainer over your toilet drain could prevent future mishaps from arising by helping catch small objects before they make it down into the plumbing. This measure could catch potentially hazardous objects before they contact further plumbing pipes and cause potential disaster.

Educate Everyone in Your Household

Ensure everyone in the household understands what can and cannot go down the toilet - particularly children - to reduce any possible accidents caused by improper disposal methods. Proper education will protect everyone involved from unexpected waste disposal incidents.

Call In An Expert At Mr. Rooter Plumbing

When attempts at retrieval or unclogging the toilet have proven futile, a professional plumbing service may be needed for effective results. Plumbers in Moundsville, WV possess both the experience and tools required for solving more complex plumbing problems effectively to safeguard the integrity of your plumbing system.